Meredith Borowiec, who told police she left three of her newborns in dumpsters, was found guilty today in a Calgary court on two counts of infanticide.
The Calgary woman, who is in her early 30s, will be tried on an attempted murder charge at a later date.
Charges were laid against Borowiec​ after a baby was found alive in a dumpster near her house in 2010. While being interrogated by police, she told them she had previously abandoned two other babies in dumpsters.
She had been charged with two counts of second-degree murder in relation to the deaths. 
Court of Queen's Bench Justice Peter McIntyre said Tuesday there was evidence to suggest the mother's mind was disturbed after giving birth, so a murder conviction wasn't warranted. 
A Calgary woman was found guilty of two counts of infanticide, after leaving her newborns in a dumpster. She is still facing a third charge of attempted murder. (CBC)
"Justice McIntyre gave a very well-reasoned decision and the long and short of it is Ms. Borowiec was convicted of wilfully killing two newborns," said Crown prosecutor​ Jayme Williams.
"It's a difficult case, there were no bodies found and we were going on the admissions she made to police."
During a police interview, Borowiec said she had given birth to babies in 2008 and 2009. She said in both cases she wrapped the babies in a towel, placed them in a garbage bag and put them in a dumpster.
Their bodies were never recovered.
She said that in all three cases case she hid the pregnancy from her long-time partner. 
In July 2012, while in custody at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatric Centre, Borowiec gave birth to a fourth child. That baby, a boy, was given up for adoption. 
Borowiec will remain on bail pending sentencing.