Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FILICIDE (multiple): Canada: Allyson McConnell

The crown has wrapped up its case in the murder trial of Allyson McConnell, the Millet mom who admitted to killing her two sons.
The crown’s last witness was the Medical Examiner who examined the bodies of 10 month old Jayden McConnell and his brother 2 year old Connor.
The boys were found by their father in the bathtub of their Millet home February 1, 2010.
The Medical Examiner confirmed Thursday morning in court that the boys died from drowning.
Allyson McConnell admitted to drowning her kids and then trying to kill herself by jumping off a bridge in Edmonton.
“The case is going to come down to whether or not she is able to form the intention to kill,” Crown Prosecutor Gordon Hatch told reporters outside the courthouse, “if not, then she should be convicted of manslaughter. If she is able to form the intention to kill she should be convicted of 2nd degree murder.”
Earlier in the week, the trial heard police called Allyson’s estranged husband and father of the boys, Curtis McConnell after the suicide attempt to tell him his wife had fallen off a bridge. McConnell rushed to his house and discovered his boys in the tub.
Neighbours also testified that Allyson was showing signs of depression leading up to the deaths and had been giving away clothes and a car seat.
“It seems to me that there was rather detailed plans or steps put in place for Allyson to, what looks like, try to commit suicide,” says Hatch, “There isn't evidence in my view that demonstrates she was so depressed or so upset that she was unable to form those basic thought processes. Ultimately I'm just trying to establish that she acted normally and proceeded normally, right up until the time the children were dead. In fact, after they were dead, drove herself to Edmonton and ordered a meal, then tried to commit suicide.”
For a 2nd degree murder charge conviction it will come down to Allyson’s state of mind at the time of the crime.
“Essentially what I want to establish is Ms. McConnell is able to make certain plans,” explains Hatch, “if she's able to plan her suicide then she’s also able to plan the death of the children. Planning, not in the sense of 1st degree murder, but to show that she has an ability to formulate certain ideas in her mind.”
The Medical Examiner was the crown’s last witness


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