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INFANTICIDE: Ontario: Corinne Platonov not criminally responsible for killing her baby

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Corinne Platonov.
Peter Edwards
Staff Reporter
A Mississauga mother was found not criminally responsible Friday of killing her 4-month-old son because she suffered delusions that she was saving him from physical and sexual abuse and sending him to a safe place in heaven.
Justice Bruce Durno agreed with a joint submission by defence lawyer Paula Rochman and prosecutor Brian McGuire in Brampton court on Friday that Corrine Platonov, 41, was not criminally responsible for the death of her son, Alexander.
Court heard she drugged her baby with Tylenol 3 and then smothered him in their house on Golden Hills Way, near McLaughlin and Derry Rds., after her husband went to work last May.
Platonov dropped her head into her hands and cried as court heard a victim-impact statement from her husband, cardiologist Michael Platonov. Dr. Platonov was not in court as Justice Durno sentenced his wife to an indefinite stay in a psychiatric facility.
Court heard that she originally planned to kill herself and her 2-year-old son Victor also, but decided to spare Victor because she felt her husband could not live without him. In his victim impact statement, Dr. Platonov said that she was a “generous, compassionate, caring” parent for their two boys.
Dr. Platonov’s statement said he was tormented by the thought that they could not protect Alexander, but “he’s with God. He’s happier, I’m sure.”
Court heard that Corinne Platonov had been sexually abused before she met her husband, and could not shake fears that her former tormentors would track her down and abuse her children.
She had degrees in education and social work and was considered “caring, compassionate (and) intelligent,” according to the agreed statement of facts.
Under questioning from the judge, she said she realized that she could be held in a mental health facility indefinitely.
The judge then asked her if she was confused at all about the legal process.
“Everything is clear, your honour,” she replied.

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