A trial that was expected to begin on Monday against Calgary mother accused of killing two of her children and attempting to kill a third has been delayed.
A judge read the charges against Meredith Borowiec, but there won't be any witnesses called until Tuesday morning.
Borowiec, who is being tried by a judge and jury, was charged with attempted murder after a baby boy was found crying in a dumpster in October 2010.
The baby was saved by the man who found him, who also turned out to be his father.
The father, who told police he didn't know his girlfriend was pregnant, was on his way home when he and other passersby heard crying coming from the trash bin.
They jumped in and found the infant in a garbage bag.
Police and EMS workers were called and the baby was taken to hospital.
The child has recovered and is healthy.
A few months later, police learned that Borowiec gave birth to two other babies, and killed them shortly after in 2008 and 2009.
She was charged with second degree murder in those deaths but has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
A judge found her fit to stand trial in June of last year.
Health groups in Alberta are continuing to push the province to adopt a Safe Haven Law to help mothers in crisis who don’t want or can’t keep their babies.
Fifty states in the U.S. possess laws that allow mothers to drop off their newborns at hospitals, ambulance bays, and churches with no questions asked.
There is no such legislation in Canada.
B.C. is the only Canadian province that has a safe drop-off location for newborns called Angel’s Cradle at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.
Staff there says that the facility has only been used once, but says that one life saved is enough.
With files from Elissa Carpenter and the Canadian Press