Thursday, 21 July 2011

FILICIDE (Multiple): Fiona Donnison trial

Fiona Donnison murdered her two children to take revenge from her estranged husband. Donnison reportedly suffocated her children Harry, (three) and Elise (two) because she thought her husband was cheating on her. Donnison reportedly suffocated her children Harry, (three) and Elise (two) because she suspected her husband Paul of an affair with an old schoolfriend. She then armed herself with two kitchen knives in an attempt to kill her husband Paul and blame him for the death of their children, it was alleged. She then handed herself in to police saying she had killed her children, reported Daily Mail.
Donnison appeared in court today for the opening of her trial for the alleged murder. The jury was told that the city banker was a controlling narcissist who wanted to make Mr Donnison’s life ‘as miserable as possible’ to the extent that she ‘used her children as the ultimate and final weapon’.
Fiona Donnison, kidsThe couple had separated five months earlier when Fiona had abruptly left the family home, taking the children with her. Despite Mr Donnison attempting a reconciliation, he finally said he could take no more of her ‘controlling’ behaviour and ended the relationship in January last year, reported the daily.
"The two children’s bodies were found in the boot of Donnison’s Nissan car on the morning of 27 January last year, dressed in their pyjamas and zipped into separate sports bags. They had most likely been suffocated with pillows at Donnison’s rented house in Lightwater," the evening before, said Christine Laing QC, prosecuting.
The Donnisons had met in 1999 when both were married to others. They had a daughter, Mia, who died a year later of suspected cot death. The couple had had a strained relationship due to Fiona's teenage sons from her previous marriage.
"Paul Donnison described her as always wanting bigger and better things than they could afford," Christine Laing QC told the daily.
"She claims to have no memory at all of the events that led to the killing of Harry and Elise. We say that responsibility lies not as a result of any mental illness but we say as a result of her personality," Laing concluded. In an apparent volte-face, Donnison denies the two counts of murder.
The case continues.

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