Thursday, 21 July 2011

INFANTICIDE (?): Virginia: Karen Murphy left her baby in a hot car

July 12, 2011
Virginia resident Karen Murphy's son died after being left in the family's car for seven hours.
She is being charged with felony murder and child neglect after she allegedly left her baby in her van for hours by accident. In this week's "Moms" segment, host Michel Martin discusses this case with regulars Dani Tucker and Jolene Ivey, as well as former Md. State Attorney Glenn Ivey and journalist Gene Weingarten.


  1. This is just a terrible tragedy, and its a travesty that this poor woman should face charges over an accident like this.

  2. ^ignorant. As a parent you domt forget your kids are in a car, and you dont leave them in a car anyway. I hope she rots in prison, then hell.