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FILICIDE: UK: more on Magdalena Luczak

In court, Magdelena Luczak portrayed herself as a fearful victim of her violent partner. In reality she was the driving force behind a cover-up
In court, Magdelena Luczak portrayed herself as a fearful victim of her violent partner. In reality she was the driving force behind a cover-up
Mariusz Krezolek is a wanted criminal in his homeland, while Magdelena Luczak was a drug addicted prostitute, it emerged last night.
They have both been found guilty of the horrific murder of Luczak's son Daniel, who resembled a ‘concentration camp victim’ when he died following an ‘incomprehensible’ campaign of cruelty carried out by the evil pair.
Krezolek moved to Britain in 2006 despite the fact that Polish police were hunting him after he violated the terms of his suspended sentence.
‘He is a wanted man,’ a police source said. ‘He breached the terms of his sentence.’
Krezolek’s sister also revealed that he was a violent criminal who was booted out of the army for attacking a fellow recruit.
Speaking from their family home in a village near Wroclaw in South West Poland where she still lives, she also told the Mail that her brother terrorised her when she was growing up.
Asking not to be named, she said: ‘My brother is on a wanted list in Poland. He has brought public shame on the family.
‘He was in the army and got into a fight and the person he beat up ended up in hospital and he ended up in a martial court. He was punished for it.
‘When I was 18 and he was 15 he used to beat me up. It is horrible for me to talk about this.

Killer mother: Luczak, 27, seen (right) holding a baby put her use of cannabis and alcohol ahead of looking after her baby
‘Nobody wants to hear their brother was involved in the death of a child, but I’m not going to defend him. Never in my life would I ever leave my children with him.’ 
She added that he was a heavy drinker who regularly used amphetamines and the police and local prosecutors were regular visitors to the family home.
Krezolek’s other sister, who lives nearby and also asked not to be named, said: ‘I have no brother.’ 

Luczak told the court that her partner Mariusz Krezolek (pictured with her) had hit Daniel around the head and then tried to strangle her
Krezolek met Luczak in England after she left her life in a concrete housing estate in the run-down city of Lodz in central Poland.
Her mother Yolanta was described by neighbours as anxious and highly-strung. They added that she used to beat her daughter. 
Her father Witold – who was rarely at home – worked as a driver while her mother raised the children in the tiny flat. 
Neighbours told how the family of seven had not paid rent for 24 years for their pokey three-bed council apartment in a towering high-rise block.
Luczak’s younger sister said her mother had been worried for her grandson’s safety when she visited two weeks before his death. 
The mother-of-two, who lives in Lodz and asked not to be identified, said: ‘My mother went to England to visit Magda two weeks before Daniel died and came back with terrible stories.
‘She said “Something terrible is happening in that house. Magda is being terrorised by Mariusz. Something very bad is happening in that house”.
‘It’s my sister’s fault that she did not react when her son was in danger. She has responsibility for what happened.’
Luczak’s mother Yolanta told the Mail her husband had died as a result of the stress of seeing his daughter charged with the murder of his grandson.

Death: Daniel Pelka (right) was murdered by his mother Magdelena Luczak (left) and her partner after being starved and subjected to unimaginable cruelty over a five-month period
She said: ‘Mariusz doesn’t deserve to walk on this earth. I’m in no state to talk about this, my life is full of tragedy.’
As a girl, blonde-haired Luczak dreamed of being the next Emma Bunton and belted out Spice Girls songs at the top of her voice. 
‘But just a few years later, she was caking her face in make-up, wearing expensive clothes and being picked up by strange men late at night.
'My mother came back with terrible stories'
Magdelena Luczak’s younger sister
One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ‘The same car would drop her off in the morning and pick her up at night and we thought the driver was probably her pimp.’
Another neighbour added: ‘Magda had a very difficult childhood because her mother was aggressive.’
Last night, Daniel’s natural father, lorry driver Eryk Pelka, said: ‘I feel hate towards Magda. I hope she will never come out of jail. I had very limited access to Daniel once I returned to Poland. Every time I rang Magda would make excuses.’
Polish police said Krezolek has two drink driving convictions for which he received a suspended sentence and a driving ban and four convictions for driving while disqualified.

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