Saturday, 21 September 2013

FILICIDE (attempted): USA: Wendy Wright in court after attempted suicide

Seabrook mother faces attempted murder charges

Allegedly tried to kill kids with bleach
Wendy Wright, 33, of 15 True Road, was charged with two counts of attempted murder, carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison, and two counts of first-degree assault, a Class-A felony.
According to Seabrook police, Wright uttered that she wanted to kill herself and her children after regaining consciousness from her own dose of bleach.
"I don't want to live. I really love my kids, but I wanted to save them from everyone else," Seabrook officer Keith Dietenhofer allegedly overheard Wright saying to emergency personnel treating her June 18 after nine police officers responded to her home.
Wright allegedly held down her children and poured bleach down their throats. She waived her probable cause hearing at the Seabrook District Court on July 29, and the case moved on to Superior Court.
Both children were able to spit out most of the bleach they were given by their mother, who was calling it "medicine," according to police. After Wright became unconscious, the children went next door and found a neighbor, who called the police after the girl "barged in" the back door and asked "if her and her brother can stay here for an hour while (their) mother is sick."
"(The) girl said the mother (took) medicine and (the) mother made (the) boy and girl take medicine, too," the neighbor wrote in a statement to police, according to the police affidavit.
While fire personnel responded and treated the boy and girl, police went to the mother's apartment, where "a strong odor of bleach was present," according to the affidavit. Wright was unconscious on a love seat in the living room, police wrote, and there was vomit on her and the love seat. There was also a bottle of bleach sitting on the floor next to her, the affidavit states.
As Wright was being treated, she regained consciousness and uttered her desire to no longer live and that she "wanted to save (her children) from everyone else."
"Sergeant (David) Buccheri advised that it appeared that Wendy Wright's intention was to take her own life as well as her two small children that were present," the affidavit states.
Seabrook prosecutor Scott Mendes previously said the children have been placed in a safe home.
Wright is being held in Rockingham County Jail, according to County Attorney Jim Reams.

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