Saturday, 18 December 2010

FILICIDE (Attempted): Australia: Steinberg

A TRAGIC mum who tried to kill two of her kids because she loved them deeply has been found not guilty by a judge who said she was seriously mentally impaired.
Christine Steinberg wept in the prisoners' dock of the Supreme Court as details were read out of  how she cut the wrists of the children, slashed their throats and then tried to take her own life.
Justice Ross Robson said it was clear from the evidence presented to the Supreme Court and in psychiatry reports that Steinberg, 43, had a serious depressive disorder with psychotic features.
The judge remanded Steinberg to Thomas Embling hospital for reports on her mental condition and adjourned the case until February 24 next year.
Justice Robson was told that both the Crown and the defence agreed that Steinberg did not know the nature of her actions or what she was doing was wrong.
Opening the Crown case, prosecutor Susan Borg said that Steinberg locked herself in a bedroom of her mother's home with daughter Noya, 3, and seven-month-old son Erez and cut their wrists and throat.
Steinberg slashed her own wrists and when her mother forced her way into the bedroom she found the accused lying on a blood-covered bed on top of her two children.
While she was being taken to hospital Steinberg said, "Where's my babies?'' and "I wanna die''.
Both the children recovered from their injuries.
Steinberg, of Oakleigh East pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted murder by reason of mental impairment.
Ms Borg said Steinberg had a history of mental issues including taking an overdose, depression and bizarre behaviour.
Defence counsel David Brustman read from a statement from her husband, Chen Steinberg, who said: "I would describe Christine as a good mother. The last couple of days she just dropped.”
Mr Steinberg also said: "I never heard her threaten the kids in any way. My wife loved the children very much''.
The court heard psychiatric evidence that Steinberg acted out of a misplaced sense of love because she had bizarre beliefs that gangs were after her and her children were in danger.

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