Sunday, 26 December 2010

FILICIDE (Multiple): Spain

A nine year old and an 11 year old were apparently killed by their own mother in Valladolid,Castilla y Leon last week.
A 40 year old woman has been arrested.The woman was separated from the father of the children and had been suffering depression.It seems that she had given the children tablets to kill them and then she confessed what she had done to a neighbour ,who called the police.
The woman is in the custody of the National Police but has been taken to the psychiatric ward of Hospital Clinico Universitario in Valladolid.Once she is in a better state of mind then she will give a statement before a judge.
Initially it seems that this mother did kill her children while her state of mind was deranged.However the cause of death will now be decided by a post mortem.

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