Saturday, 11 December 2010

INFANT DEATH: Kentucky: Brooks Ecton

A detective with the Winchester Police Department was the one and only witness to testify against all 3 family members charged in connection with the death of a infant.
He was able to share his theories on how and why the child died.Around 4:30 in afternoon on October 11, Winchester Police say 21-year-old Brooks Ecton went out for the night, leaving her 10-month-old daughter, Addysen Brooks Mayes, in the care of the child's grandparents Cheryl Kirkwood-Black and David Black. The mom came home around 11:30.
Det. Tom Bell says, "She posted on Facebook at 12:30 a.m. that the child was snoring extremely loud, louder than her fiancé."
The next morning police say the mother found her child dead in the play pen. During an autopsy the detective says he found an explanation for the loud shores.
Det. Bell says, "Dr. Rolf tells us that is the death rattle."
The child, police say, died from a methadone overdose. Nearly enough to kill an adult says, Bell. He also testified the grandparents are methadone users.
"They've said they've never lost a pill, they're both junkies.", said Bell.
During a search of the house, police say they found a box of chocolates, instead of candy there were baggies, straws, and two bottles of childs aspirin and in those bottles, liquid methadone.
But the search was done a month after the child died, giving question to if the mother knew she was leaving her child in the hands of drug abusers, her lawyer didn't think so.
He said, "If there was proof, she didn't know it." And the judge agreed with that argument, saying, "She took no steps to seek medical help."
The mother and the grandparents cases were passed to the grand jury. The grand parents are being held in jail, while the mother of the infant is out on bond.
Police said in october when the child first died, there were no signs of foul play.

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