Saturday, 26 February 2011

FILICIDE: England: Dawn Makin


A NURSE who doted on her daughter aged four was critically ill in hospital last night after apparently stabbing the child to death - then attempting suicide.

The horrified mother of Dawn Makin, 33, found her lying in bed unconscious beside the body of Chloe, who had been stabbed and slashed.

Last night, as police admitted they were "puzzled" over the killing but were not seeking anyone else, it was reported Dawn was the subject of an investigation following accusations she had leaked patient details in her old job.
The Information Commissioner's probe was on-going into the allegations which centred on the Moorgate Primary Care Centrea where she had worked before being sacked last August.
Meanwhile a post-mortem has now revealed Chloe suffered multiple stab wounds.
Dawn was known as a loving mum who called red-haired Chloe "Princess". Chloe's gran Sheila and a pal forced the door of the semi-detached house after being unable to contact Dawn for hours.

The nurse, who had slashed her wrists and swallowed poison, was rushed to the hospital where she used to work in A&E.
Last night, as detectives launched a murder probe, she was on a life support machine, with Sheila, 59, dad Derek, 58, and brother Wayne, 32, by her bedside at Fairfield Hospital in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Victim ... Dawn Makin with Chloe and boyfriend Martin Campbell
Victim ... Dawn Makin with Chloe and boyfriend Martin Campbell

A senior cop said: "We were called out by her concerned family as she wouldn't answer the door - and found this awful scene.
"From inquiries so far Dawn was a great mum, with no history of any problems. Something obviously happened but we don't yet know what."
Yesterday Chloe's dad Michael Burke, who split with Dawn three years ago, laid flowers at the house where his daughter died. In a window was a card that read: "I love you from Chloe."

Poignant ... little girl's message in the window
Poignant ... little girl's message in the window

Michael, 38, said: "This is a nightmare. Chloe was a lovely, bubbly girl with curly, ginger hair who loved Peppa Pig and running about.
"What more do you want of a four-year-old girl? I just can't understand what's gone on but I want to know."
His son Nathan, 17, added: "I'm devastated Chloe's gone. She was a great little stepsister. You couldn't say a bad word about her. Why would anyone do such a thing?"

Pain ... Chloe's dad Michael Burke and brother Nathan
Pain ... Chloe's dad Michael Burke and brother Nathan

Michael's mum Pauline Burke, 56, visited the house yesterday and said: "Nobody knows what caused this. We just can't work it out.
"Chloe was a gorgeous child, with lovely red hair, and her mum adored her. They were both so happy and there's no way Dawn would ever hurt her little girl.
"Michael is devastated. I've spent the day cradling him in my arms like a baby." Dawn's boyfriend, accident insurance worker Martin Campbell, 31, was too upset to talk.

Horror ... murder scene
Horror ... murder scene

Friend Danny Mullin, 33, said: "Dawn had been seeing Martin for a couple of years. She liked a night out but was always there for Chloe. She'd toned it down since she became a mum and mostly just went out with Martin." Her Facebook page lists her favourite books and movies as murder and horror. She gives her interests as "shopping, spending time with my daughter and getting wrecked".
Chief Superintendent Jon Rush said police had no previous dealings with the family.
He added: "The grandmother was really concerned at being unable to get in touch with her daughter.
"She went to the house with a neighbour, who helped break the door, and found her daughter in bed together with her granddaughter. "We are treating this as a murder inquiry. We are not looking for anyone else."
The Information Commissioner's Office confirmed the probe into a breach of patient confidentiality.
A spokeswoman said: "We are investigating a breach of confidentiality regarding patient information at NHS Bury, which involves a former employee who was based at Moorgate Primary Care Centre.
"These are very sad circumstances. As the police are conducting an investigation, it would be inappropriate to provide any further information."

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