Sunday, 5 June 2011

FILICIDE: Missouri: Melissa Snawneece's child discarded in dumpster


Marquell Jackson
family photo Marquell Jackson
ST. LOUIS • About 60 people gathered Saturday night at the spot where a toddler's body was found in a Dumpster in south St. Louis to pray for him and for his mother, who is accused of beating and strangling him.
Family members and friends of Melissa Shawneece Jackson, 28, who was charged Friday with first-degree murder for the beating and strangulation of her son, insisted that Jackson was a loving mother they trusted to watch their own children, even at day cares they ran.
"She's never, never spanked her baby," said a sister, Saleena Johnson. "She's a very sweet, special person. She was our personal baby sitter."
The 18-month-old boy, Marquell Jackson, was killed Tuesday or Wednesday while in the sole care of his mother, police say. Police said they saw no sign of forced entry to their apartment in that block. But those who spoke Saturday said they believe Melissa Jackson didn't kill him.
Margo Deloch, who described herself as Jackson's god-grandmother, said Jackson was so happy when she learned she was pregnant.
"The Melissa I know is not the woman they said did this," she told the crowd. "God didn't bring her this far to leave her now."

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