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Casey Anthony: New evidence found (Video)

  • NOVEMBER 25, 2012
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  • The Casey Anthony story is back in the headlines again. Casey Anthony went on trial for the murder of her daughter but the jury did not find that the evidence was strong enough to convict her. However, the reason that she is back in the news is because the prosecution has new evidence of someone looking at"fool-proof" suffocation methods” in the Casey household the very day the little girl, Caylee, was said to be alive.
    The entire trial was very emotional for people across the world who could not understand the brutal killing of a two –year-old. America was outraged and wanted justice for the little girl. There were discussion groups that sprang up to support the cause to help find this child murderer. Americans were divided on who they thought was the killer of this little girl.
    America became emotionally involved in this case. No one could understand how anyone let alone a mother could allegedly kill their child. Of course there are many cases where mothers were convicted of killing their children. Mark Gado of the website <Crime Library> has written about mothers who killed their children. These murders have enraged the sensibility of Americans each and every time. No matter how many new cases come up in the news, it doesn’t change a thing when a child is killed; Americans are still emotionally distraught and enraged over such violent acts.
    Once we are teased by the media with news about these violent crimes, people will take sides and opinions are formed based on media coverage. The media has a great influence over public opinion. Governments are faced with the dilemma of balancing the information that is released for public safety and the public’s right to know with deciding when too much info has been given out. They can do this once a trial has commenced but the leaks to the media and the coverage beforehand will influence the public’s opinion.
    Such was the case with the Casey Anthony trial. “Many jurors apparently went into hiding amid public outrage over the verdict and refused to comment, but two have said prosecutors couldn't conclusively prove how Caylee died.”
    Now we relive the horrendous murder all over again. Did Casey Anthony kill her child? We may never know but everyone will have an opinion on it one way or another.

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