Sunday, 10 April 2011

FILICIDE (attempted): Colorado: Samantha Salaz

Colorado Springs police said Samantha Salaz, 19, and her aunt, Mary Horsley, 50, were arrested on Thursday in connection with the attempted murder and felony child abuse of Salaz' 20-month-old daughter, Alexis Salaz.
KRDO NewsChannel 13 obtained a copy of the probable cause arrest affidavit and it says the girl was pronounced dead at the hospital. However, life-saving efforts continued and Alexis was later revived.
Police said Alexis was found unconscious and not breathing shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday at 2423 Farragut Ave. Police were told Alexis had drowned in the toilet. Alexis was taken to Memorial's pediatric intensive care unit and is in critical condition, according to police.

Police said their investigation revealed the child's injuries were intentional and not accidental. According to the affidavit, investigators found evidence that Alexis' wrists, ankles, back and mouth had been taped. She also had bruises on her legs, arms, face and forehead.
The affidavit explains that Brandon Salaz, 7, a male child in the home, alerted the family by saying, "Lexie could talk but now she can't, she is a different color, something is wrong." Her mother and aunt said they were sleeping at the time.
Alexis' mother said she found her daughter on the bathroom floor, partially in the shower. The women called for help and performed CPR on the girl until paramedics arrived.
Mary Elliott, a neighbor across the street, said she saw Alexis being taken to an ambulance. "I thought she was a doll on someone's arm," Elliott said. "I didn't have my glasses on."
In a later police interview, Samantha Salaz said she found Alexis lying in the shower face up with strips of electrical tape across her eyes and mouth, and binding her wrists and ankles. Salaz said cold water was splashing on her daughter's face.
Salaz also told police Horsley dragged Alexis across the floor by the ankles, then picked up the child and dropped her on her head. Salzaz said Horsley often placed Alexis in the shower to discipline her.
Salaz explained the bruises on Alexis by saying the child is clumsy and falls often. Salaz also accused Horsley of hitting Alexis with a belt, a brush and a spatula. Salaz said she didn't try to interfere with the treatment because Horsley owns the home and was in charge.
Brandon told police Horsley got mad at Alexis when the toddler knocked over her aunt's drink, and said he would be in trouble from Horsley if he ever told anyone about what happened to Alexis.
Brandon's sister, Cheyenne, 6, also was in the home and said Horsley applied tape to Alexis.
During a court appearance at the El Paso County Jail on Friday, Samantha Salaz and Horsley heard the charges against them. Horsley said, "I was nowhere near the child at the time of this." A judge told her to respond only to questions asked.

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  1. Why would any one tiy to kill someone, that is just sick....And even a child, what is wrong with you?