Friday, 8 April 2011

FILICIDE: New York City: Carlotta Brett-Pierce

Marchella Pierce, a 4-year-old girl who weighed just 18 pounds, was found dead in her family's Brooklyn apartment, on Sept. 2, 2010. The girl's mother, Carlotta Brett-Pierce, has been charged with second-degree assault and endangering the welfare of the child after her body was found bruised and severely malnourished.
In a report released in early October, the New York's child welfare agency found that the girl apparently had gone months without a visit from child welfare workers assigned to monitor her well-being, despite indications that she could be at risk.
The problems in the Marchella Pierce case extended to an outside health care provider hired by the city to monitor her family until its contract expired in June 2010.
The girl was born more than three months prematurely, had severely underdeveloped lungs and spent most of her life in hospitals. A twin sister died at birth. Marchella needed the help of a tracheal tube when she was released from the hospital in February.
A preliminary report outlines a series of failures by the agency and the private provider that missed or ignored signals that the girl's mother — who had a known history of substance abuse and who continued to fail drug tests even after the agency became involved with the family — seemed incapable of tending to her daughter's serious medical needs.

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