Saturday, 23 April 2011

FILICIDE: Florida: Casey Anthony, accused of killing her young child in 2008

A Florida Judge will decide on which forensic evidence can be permitted in the first-degree murder trial of Casey Anthony, a mother accused of killing her daughter, Caylee, in a 2008 high profile event. The trial is scheduled for May 17.
This case involving Casey Anthony, accused of killing her young child, Caylee, created a nationwide sensation in 2008. In the meantime both the prosecution and defense have been lining up experts on both sides to prepare for the trial that has been postponed several times.The case involving the death of Caylee Anthony continues to attract widespread attention with an entire website devoted to the specifics of the case along with numerous articles and websites that provide details shared with the public. The attraction of the case, according to experts, are the dramatic dynamics that have been related and intimate that Casey killed her daughter in order to live a free and easy life free of the responsibility of caring for a young child.
Caylee’s body was found just a half mile from the home of her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, according to media reports in December 2008. She was two years old when she went missing. Caylee had vanished in June, 2008, but neither the mother Casey Anthony, nor the grandparents reported her missing for a month. After Casey was arrested for the killing and charged with first degree murder, the Anthonys appeared on several television programs protesting their daughter’s innocence. This occurred even after duct tape, heart-shaped objects and other evidence pointed to Casey’s guilt, according to the police and prosecutors.
Florida’s Channel 13 News reported today the judge is to make important rulings in case of the evidence prior to the date of the trial. Prosecutors believe the evidence points to the mother’s guilt, so the decisions made by the judge about it will either help or hinder the case against Casey. The evidence the judge will be assessing include a stain found in the trunk of the mother’s car, a heart-shaped sticker found near Caylee’s body, police dog alerts that had indicated a dead body had been in that car around the home of George and Cindy Anthony during the time the child was missing, as well as evidence of an Internet search found on Casey’s computer for instructions in how to make chloroform.
In February 2011 the court decided on the admissibility of portions of evidence on Casey Anthony’s sex life the prosecution maintains points to a level of need for freedom that would permit a mother to kill a child that interfered with it. The Orlando Sentinel has tracked the case against Casey Anthony as well as the search for the body of Caylee, the findings at the time, the evidence and other particulars since the case was first headlined in 2008. Hal Bodoeker has been speculating on why this case draws so much interest and has found several hypotheses, most of which are related to the family dynamics of the case. He had interviewed television executive Scot Safon of HLN, who has been tracking the case since the beginning. Safon’s opinion is this, according to Boedeker’s interview: “It speaks to so many issues, to the responsibility parents have, to the responsibility grandparents have, to the vulnerability of children, to the fact that this could play out in the midst of what might seem a normal family. I think a lot of people find it relatable. They know people like the people in this story, grandparents like the Anthonys, women like Casey, children like Caylee.” Boeder found some of his readers disagreed with Safon's assessment and say they have trouble relating to family members, including the grandparents, who didn’t do more for the child, specifically in the month delay of reporting Caylee’s disappearance.

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