Sunday, 6 March 2011

FILICIDE (attempted): Kansas: Rachel Perez's son has Downs syndrome

OLATHE, Kan., Feb. 23 (UPI) -- A Kansas judge has ordered a woman whose disabled son was close to death when he was found in an attic to stand trial for attempted murder.
At a hearing Tuesday in Johnson County, a pediatrician testified the boy, who has Down syndrome, would have died within 24 hours if he had not been discovered last August, The Kansas City Star reported. Dr. Lisa Spector said he had "no fat tissue left on his body."
The boy's mother, Rachel Perez, was arrested in August on outstanding warrants. She told police about her two daughters but did not tell them her son was shut in the attic.
He was found later in the day when the great-grandmother went to the house with deputies to look for him. Witnesses said the attic was covered with excrement.
Perez's lawyer, Jason Billam, acknowledged his client is a bad mother. But he said she did not intend to kill the boy.
District Judge Peter Ruddick said Perez is to be tried for child abuse and child endangerment as well as attempted murder. He called the evidence "an ugly, horrible set of facts."

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