Sunday, 6 March 2011

INFANTICIDE: Uganda: Elizabeth Zawedde

Elizabeth Zawedde, a mother to three decided to end the life of her three children saying she was fed up of life after she had a heated argument with her husband with whom she had been married for 13 years.

The children, Jeremiah Mulindwa, 8, Jennifer Namutebi, 6 and Kato, 1. Kato, the youngest of the three was killed instantly while Jeremiah and Jennifer were rescued by by passers and car washers. According to Entebbe Police head of criminal investigations, Frederick Wetaya, Elizabeth, after a quarrel with her husband, Salongo Moses Mubiru, boarded an Entebbe-bound vehicle with her children yesterday. “Witnesses said when the vehicle got to Kitubulu, she got out with the children and jumped into the water with them,” Wetaya said.

According to Wetaya, passersby heard children screaming and dashed into the water and rescued the two while Kato was already dead. “The strong waves kept pushing them back to the shore. It was sheer luck otherwise they would have drowned,” he said. Car washers, who participated in the rescue, retrieved the body of Kato who was swept away and he died instantly according to Wetaya.

In a statement given by the mother of the children, his twin Wasswa died at birth. Namutebi and Mulindwa, after being rescued were able to disclose that their mother deliberately pushed them into the water. The police in Entebbe detained Zawedde, who will face charges of infanticide. “This was outright murder. According to what happened, there was malice aforethought,” Wetaya said.

Mubiru was in shock when he arrived at Entebbe police station at about 2:00am yesterday saying he had been in Mpejja attending a burial. The police said, the couple had quarreled before after Mubiru had reportedly suggested that they rent out their house as a way of boosting their income.

“But Zawedde thought that Mubiru was tricking her with plans to marry another woman,” Wetaya added.

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  1. We women go through a lot. This is a two way traffic not one. Her stupid egotistical husband was a major contributing factor to this matter.