Saturday, 19 March 2011

FILICIDE: Virginia: Cecelia Burnette did not intentionally kill her eight-month-old daughter.

Jeremy Mills

Bedford Co., VA - A Bedford County jury has decided Cecelia Burnette did not intentionally kill her eight-month-old daughter.
Cecelia Burnette Cecelia Burnette
The verdict Thursday sparked an immediate outcry of disappointment from the family of the baby's father.
It's taken three days of testimony to clear the young mother of murder charges. She had been accused of violently shaking her child to death back in September of 2008.
Burnette has continued to maintain her innocence, claiming her ex-boyfriend was responsible.
The jury's decision is not all good for Burnette because she will still serve a prison sentence. The jury found her guilty on a lesser charge of felony child abuse resulting in serious injury. And they've recommended an eight year sentence and a $75,000 fine.
That is some consolation to the family of Adam Davis, the biological father of baby Marissa. They were hoping for a murder conviction, and they cried in court after the verdict came down.
(11:30 a.m. Thursday) Bedford Co., VA - Closing arguments are starting soon in the murder trial of Cecelia Burnette, the Bedford County mother accused of shaking her baby to death.
On Thursday morning, the defense brought up multiple witnesses who said Cecelia was a great mother to Marissa. The eight-month-old died in September 2008.
Several of the witnesses told the court they have children of their own, and they wouldn't hesitate for a second to have her babysit them.
The defense took a 10 minute recess before closing, but Burnette did not end up taking the stand.
The jury will likely deliver a verdict by late Thursday afternoon.

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