Saturday, 19 March 2011

INFANTICIDE: VIRGINIA: Cecelia Burnette charged second degree murder

The murder trial of a Bedford mother gets underway in Bedford.
Cecelia Burnette is charged with 2nd degree murder and felony child abuse by a parent for the 2008 death of 8-month-old Marissa Burnette.
In the Commonwealth's opening statement, a prosecutor said the injuries that killed Marissa Burnette were as violent as those from a car accident or from falling from a multi-story building.
The prosecution stated in September 2008, Cecelia Burnette took her baby to the doctor.  The prosecution claims Cecelia left her baby with Josh Cheek, while Cecelia went to pick up a prescription.  Cheek was Celelia Burnette's boyfriend at the time.
The prosecution told the jury Cheek saw the baby's eyes roll back in her head and the baby began to shake violently.  The prosecutor stated Cheek called  Cecelia, who told him he was overreacting.  The prosecution stated it took Cecelia Burnette 45 minutes to get home.
The baby was taken to Bedford Memorial Hospital and transported to Roanoke Memorial, where the prosecution says a doctor suspected the baby had head trauma.
The prosecution says Cecelia Burnette gave both doctors and police conflicting statements about who was taking care of the baby and what may have caused the injuries.  The prosecutor also stated Cecelia called a Child Protective Services worker to make sure the worker wasn't going to stop by the home.

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