Saturday, 19 March 2011

FETICIDE: Indiana: Bei Bei Shuai

Mother: Bei Bei Shuai, from Indianapolis, has been charged with murder and infanticide after drinking rat poison in the final week of her pregnancy
Mother: Bei Bei Shuai, from Indianapolis, has been charged with murder and infanticide after drinking rat poison in the final week of her pregnancy
A woman has been charged with killing her unborn child by deliberately swallowing rat poison in the last week of her pregnancy.
Bei Bei Shuai, 34, gave birth to a baby girl called Angel days after taking a lethal dose of the poison.
But despite efforts by doctors to save her life she died three days later from bleeding in her brain.
Shuai later told police she had taken the rat poison on December 23 to try and kill herself after her boyfriend left her.
The bizarre suicide attempt was discovered by one of her friends who found her slumped in a car outside her home.
Shuai said she had taken rat poison and was rushed to the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Her daughter was delivered by caesarean section on New Year's Eve 2010 and immediately placed on life support.
Police launched an investigation after hospital authorities said the baby girl had died from complications caused by chemical in her system.
When investigator's searched Shuai's home they found an open packet of rat poison.
Rat poison pellets were also found on the floor and in a vacuum cleaner.
Shuai was arrested at her home in Indianapolis and charged with murder and infanticide.
She was due to make her first court appearance today.


  1. I don't understand how and why the National Advocates would defend someone who put poison in
    her body when she was pregnant. I believe Bei
    Bei was trying to kill the baby and not herself.
    Thank God she is in jail. I hope she receives
    a long sentence. Abortion is murder too. Roe vs
    Wade should be abolished. Sorry NAPW Bei Bei is
    adversely affecting your repudation. NO donation
    from me. Bei Bei should get the death penalty.

  2. Obviously you don't understand depression or the emotions (and in this case, deeply rooted cultural values) that cause someone to attempt suicide. You have no compassion. Pregnant women already shoulder more responsibility, including criminal liability, for their actions than the rest of the population. Should depressed, pregnant women who attempt suicide be treated as criminals? Not in a truly civilized society. Your words are harsh vengeance against a woman who was not in her right mind.

    Regarding abortion, what goes on inside a woman's body is up to her, and her alone. It's her body. Neither the government, nor any individual, has the right to invade the inner sanctum of anyone's body.

  3. You're sick. She should not be included on this site. She did not try to commit feticide and infanticide. She tried to commit suicide. It's disgusting that she was arrested for it. Stop spreading hate.

  4. Bei Bei Shuai was depressed and tried to commit suicide. She was trying to kill herself and she was not in her right mind. She deserves help, not condemnation. And she certainly does not deserve a prison sentence.