Sunday, 27 March 2011

FILICIDE: Indiana: Latisha Lawson and room-mate Natasha Hawkins charged for murder

 23 Mar 2011, Drew Blair

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A second woman has been formally charged in the killing of a three-year-old boy.
Natasha Hawkins, 31, is accused of participating in the death of her roommate’s son in November 2009. Jezaih King’s body had been stored in a plastic tote until discovered by authorities in December 2010.
The toddler’s mother, 31-year-old Latisha Lawson has been charged with his murder.
Lawson admitted to police she forced a mixture of olive oil and vinegar down her children’s throats because she thought they were demon possessed. Hawkins suggested the use of oil as a form of exorcism, according to court documents.
Lawson’s 10-year-old daughter vomited when given the mixture. Her son was given the oil and vinegar three times. Hawkins admitted to police that she held the toddler’s legs to keep him from kicking during the feeding. On the third time, Lawson told detectives she held Jezaih’s mouth shut for about 10 minutes until he stopped breathing.
Preliminary cause of death was listed as asphyxia due to compression of the neck.
Hawkins along with her three children, Lawson and her daughter were all present when the boy stopped breathing, court documents indicate. Hawkins told police that she would burn a candle in the residence to mask the smell of the body.
The Allen County Prosecutor’s office filed seven felony charges against Hawkins on Monday. The charges relate to aiding in battery causing death. Other charges of neglect and battery resulting in bodily injury relate to Hawkins’ treatment of her own children.
A trial date for Hawkins will be set at a hearing on April 6.

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